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For more information please see our SALT Services page by clicking here.

All packages and costs are given as a guide, please contact Ashleigh for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your specific needs.

If you would like to know more about possible funding to help with costs please contact Ashleigh to discuss:

Please Note: Speech & Language Therapy Services are also available freely through the NHS in the UK.

ServiceWhats included?Fee:
All packages and costs are given as a guide, please contact Ashleigh for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your specific needs.
SALT A – Basic Assessment– 1hr remote consultation, 1.5-2hr direct assessment, summary report detailing strengths & needs as well as advice.

Additional direct sessions, detailed reports, written therapy plans, training / hand over of therapy plan & resources can be added for an additional cost. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.
£100 – £150
SALT B – Standard Assessment & Start Up Package1hr remote consultation, half day direct assessment, strengths & needs report of findings, therapy plan creation and hand over.

Additional direct sessions (assessment and/or therapy demonstration) can be added for an additional cost. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.
£250 – £270
SALT C – In-depth Assessment & Start Up1hr remote consultation, 1-2 days of assessment (which can be split across multiple settings eg: home & school, home school & respite), detailed report of findings, therapy plan creation,
hand over of therapy plan.

This package is particularly valuable for the assessment and support of clients with severe and complex needs or to be used within legal documentation.
£350 – £500
TherapySessions typically last 1 hour and include time for discussion with the client / key people to hand over any updates, summarise the session and provide advice (including how to continue development between sessions). Typically therapy is booked in blocks to allow the necessary time to plan, work towards goals set, train others and monitor progress.

The sessions typically follow an evidence based therapy plan created by Ashleigh following assessment. However if you have been given a therapy plan by another therapist for example following an NHS assessment, please contact Ashleigh to discuss.
£65 per hour

10% discount for 6 week block bookings
Enabling+Unique to the Therapy Tree, is a therapeutic enabling service providing targeted intervention through the day to day routine in order to promote functional independence and generalise communication skills. This typically involves working towards specific communication goals detailed within a therapy plan. Ashleigh can work 1:1 with clients or alongside other care providers.

Typically these services are booked in blocks to allow for the time necessary to plan, work towards goals set and monitor progress. These blocks of support also allow time for Ashleigh to train key people around the person so that they can feel empowered to continue working on the goals between sessions.
 £103 per half day and £206.50 per full day

Yoga and Complementary Therapies for client and immediate family can be included within a session for no extra charge.
Reviews & MonitoringOnce a therapy plan is in place, particularly if being delivered by someone else (eg: partner, parent at home, a teacher at school, enabler), you may want a monitoring visit after an agreed period of time in order to review progress, follow up any challenges, answer any questions and ensure the plan is being delivered appropriately. When Ashleigh is providing therapy, progress can be reviewed after each block of therapy or at another agreed interval.
Following a review, new targets or strategies may be advised. Alternatively, it may be felt that no further speech and language therapy input is indicated at this time and the client is discharged from the service. A summary of this will be written via email or post. Full reports or new therapy plans can be written for an additional charge.

£65 per hour
Training, Supervision & ConsultancyTraining and consultancy can be offered to parents/carers, families, friends, education staff, care staff, employers, members from the wider multi-disciplinary team and the community. Ashleigh has pre-planned training topics but is open to discuss your specific needs and create something bespoke.
Ashleigh is also able to provided accredited Elklan Training. 
Ashleigh offers supervision to Newly Qualified Speech and Language Therapists as well as more experienced Therapists.  
Please contact to discuss your requirements.
Reports and Therapy PlansTo ensure flexibility of plans and pricing, different report options are offered so you can be in control and choose what you need.
Report Types:
– Summary report in a ‘strengths & needs’ format with advice and signposting
– Detailed report covering each relevant area of communication assessed with advice and signposting
– Therapy plan detailing: therapy goals, how to work on goals, suggested review date and frequency of input needed. An agreement for ‘who will do what’ can also be included.
– Review update report
Please contact to discuss your requirements.
Resources and AAC SupportAshleigh can provide resources to support communication across the day as well as resources for therapy activities. Please contact Ashleigh to discuss.

Ashleigh is also able to provide support for those in need of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices eg: looking for funding options, writing funding applications, setting up and editing AAC devices. Please contact Ashleigh to discuss.
Please contact to discuss your requirements.
Travel costsReturn trip from base.

Travel time over 1hr may incur additional charge.

Plus travel costs associated with the role (eg: enabling day trip activities which involve using my own vehicle).
£0.45 per mile
In Reach Services to SettingsAshleigh is experienced working with organisations such as schools and residencies to provide assessment, therapy, training and consultancy which develops both communication awareness and SALT within the setting. To discuss your settings specific needs please contact Ashleigh.Please contact to discuss your requirements.

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